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With an artistic direction as multi-faceted as his next-level arrangements and a grasp on production that few can boast, Mark Redito aka @spazzkid has embarked on an incredible journey into a bright, uncharted soundscape. Spazzkid’s surrealist neo-origami aesthetic seems to be a fitting motif for his beats, an eclectic mixture of Eastern sentiments and Western swagger.

His latest LP entitled Desire 願う is a lucid dream of the Ableton age, a visceral trip through synth-y fluorescence that would seamlessly blend into a Katamari Damacy game. He brings an added level of brilliance to his live show as well, an engaging performer that has festival season vibes written all over him. Get acquainted with Spazzkid.


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Shifty Nation Radio 016
01. KOSMO KAT - Ur Q’t Attitude
02. tomharu - last day (Bazz Remix)
03. Breakbot - You Should Know (Alternate Take)
04. FLANDY - Love Jones
05. Spazzkid - 40 Winks (Andrea Remix)
06. Tours - Above You
07. Spazzkid - Getting To Know You (PARKGOLF Remix)
08. Giraffage - Computer City
09. SAINT PEPSI - Skylar Spence (Spazzkid Remix)
10. Spazzkid - Loving Free (SAINT PEPSI Remix)


My Commander Keen piece from “iam8bit Entertainment System” is now available for purchase!



Tomorrow at 12pm eastern, Bottleneck Gallery will release the latest installment in the Noir series!

It will be a timed-edition, meaning everyone will have a chance. The sale will however end randomly within the day.

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